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Respecting your privacy

Protecting your personal information

At Coughlin, we recognize and respect every individual’s right to privacy. When personal information is provided to us, we establish a confidential file that is kept in the offices of Coughlin, or the offices of an organization authorized by Coughlin. We use the information to administer the group benefits or pension plan. We limit access to information in your file to Coughlin staff or persons authorized by Coughlin who require it to perform their duties, to persons to whom you have granted access, and to persons authorized by law.

Our policy on the privacy of e-mail and other electronic documents

The contents of any e-mails and attachments forwarded by Coughlin & Associates Ltd. staff to other individuals or organizations are intended only for the use of the e-mail addressee(s). The information contained in these materials is considered and should be treated as private and strictly confidential. It should not be reviewed, duplicated, released or distributed by or to any other person or party without the express written consent of either Coughlin & Associates Ltd. and/or the addressee(s).

When personal information is provided to Coughlin & Associates Ltd., either electronically or by any means, it is used only to administer individual or group benefits or pension plans. Access is limited to authorized personnel only and to those sanctioned by law.

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