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Policy information

What are your odds? Greater than you think

No matter how organized the person or how safe the workplace, critical illnesses such as heart attack, cancer, stroke and other medical conditions do occur, regardless of your age, income and lifestyle.

And they can strike at any time. 

What are your odds of being diagnosed with a critical illness?  They're greater than you think, based on data collected by the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.  For example:

  • 1 in 2 people will contract some form of heart disease but 95 per cent of heart attack victims survive their first attack;
  • 1 in 3 people develop a form of life-threatening cancer;
  • 3 out of 4 families will be affected by cancer;
  • 1 in 8 men develop prostate cancer;
  • 1 in 9 women develop breast cancer;
  • 1 in 20 people run the risk of having a stroke before age 70 while 75 per cent of victims survive their first stroke; and
  • 1 in 4 people develop kidney disease.

While the government medical plan and your group benefits package can help meet your immediate medical needs, they may not be designed to fund the long-term lifestyle or career changes that can result from a disease like cancer or medical conditions like major stroke or heart attack.  

Introducing Privileged Selection critical illness insurance

With Privileged Selection critical illness coverage, you can receive a lump sum payment of up to $150,000 on the confirmed physician's diagnosis of any one of the following medical conditions and your survival of 30 days:

  • heart attack;
  • cancer;
  • stroke;
  • coronary artery by-pass surgery;
  • blindness;
  • paralysis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis;
  • coma;
  • deafness;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • severe burns;
  • aorta surgery;
  • occupational HIV infection;
  • benign brain tumour; and
  • major organ failure.

The money can be used any way you like, so you can concentrate on getting well again.

Click here to download the application. 

Other features and benefits

Second event coverage

If you are diagnosed with cancer and later return to work for at least 90 days and suffer from a covered heart attack, stroke or coronary artery by-pass, you will receive a second payment equal to the coverage amount.  The same applies if you have a heart attack, stroke or coronary artery by-pass covered by this policy and later return to work for 90 days or more and are diagnosed with a covered cancer.

Loss of independence benefit

Privileged Selection critical illness insurance offers a special benefit of 25 per cent of the coverage amount if a cognitive impairment or illness (other than one of the covered illnesses) prevents you from being able to perform any two of the six following activities of daily living: bathing; dressing; toileting; bladder and bowel continence; transferring; and feeding.

The benefit can help pay for home care and related personal support services so you can face the critical illness with dignity and in the privacy of your own home. 

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) benefit

If DCIS is confirmed by medical diagnosis, the Privileged Selection critical illness insurance plan will pay 10 per cent of the principal sum to a maximum of $15,000.

Click here to download the application. 

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