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All eligible employees under the age of 70, who are actively covered under a Coughlin group insurance benefit, pension or individual plan are eligible to be covered under this plan. 

Click here to download the application.

Continuation of coverage  

Employees who are:  (1) laid-off on a temporary basis;  (2) temporarily absent from work due to short-term disability;  (3) on leave of absence;  (4) on maternity leave; or (5) continue to maintain an affinity with Coughlin through its group insurance, pension or individual plans, may continue to be covered under this program.

Spousal coverage available

All spouses under the age of 70 can be covered by Privileged Selection group term life insurance.  Just have him or her complete and sign the spousal portion of the application.

Click here to download the application.

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Pre-authorized payment forms (Ottawa only)
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